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Why Hire An Experienced Contractor For Gym Flooring

Why Hire an Experienced Contractor for Gym Flooring

An experienced sports flooring contractor is vital to the playability, longevity and maintenance of the gym floor. The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) is renowned for its best industry practices and requires that members meet specific criteria and follow recommendations for installation.

School gym flooringThe MFMA membership criteria is stringent. Members must show financial security, be fully bonded and have a good insurance rating. MFMA members abide by gym floor installation recommendations and are tested every two years to ensure adherence to best practices.

Once a contractor with MFMA membership is found, the conversation should go beyond budget and flooring type sought. A discussion with an experienced contractor should address meeting the facility owner’s needs, outline a plan of action and ultimately install the flooring of choice.

Given its reputation for excellence, the MFMA makes it easy to locate an experienced contractor to install a gym floor. Quality sports floor contractors will proudly display an MFMA accreditation. But why hire a contractor with expertise? Here are three reasons to go with an experienced pro:


  1. Experienced Contractors Assess All Needs

An experienced flooring contractor will assess the facility owner’s needs. A gym floor is often utilized for more than competitive play and routine practice. Avoiding future problems with the sports flooring requires knowledge of how the floor will be used in various circumstances.

Transylvania University - Hardwood Gym FlooringA gym floor may be used for community events, for instance. Events may require that a series of chairs, tables or bleachers be set up on the sports flooring. Dances may also be held. Especially in schools and universities, students will gather on the gym floor during assemblies.

Knowledgeable contractors ask whether or not bleachers will be rolled onto the gym floor. In order to withstand the weight of the bleachers, the sports floor system must be strengthened via a method known as bleacher blocking. When bleacher blocking is implemented, performance of the floor alters.

High loading results from bleacher seating units. If the bleachers are mobile, then the sports floor will require additional beams to accommodate the added weight. A reputable contractor will advise the owner to utilize high quality wheels in efforts to avoid destroying the surface of the sports flooring.

The right flooring does not stop with bleachers. Many sports floors must accommodate heavy sports equipment. An experienced contractor knows to ask about portable basketball goals, for instance. Wheels on the equipment should be rubber rather than nylon to avoid damaging the floor.

Gym floors also bear substantial weight from the mobile access equipment needed to perform roof repairs, paint or replace light bulbs. Informed contractors know that double layers of plywood along the floor are necessary to accommodate the heavy load of equipment.

The right contractor will be experienced enough to ask questions about the anticipated use of the flooring and recommend best practices. A thorough understanding will prevent hazardous conditions for athletes, preserve the floor’s surface and, in the end, extend the life of the gym floor.


  1. Experienced Contractors Identify Environmental Conditions

Each geographic location is riddled with various climatic conditions. Experienced contractors offer practical advice in accordance with the location’s weather patterns. Humidity levels, for instance, must be addressed. Atmospheric conditions, including heating and cooling effects, will also be touched on.

Humidity levels must be maintained before and after the gym floor installation. The indoor relative humidity should be 35 to 50 percent and air temperatures 55 to 75 degrees all year. Without ideal environmental conditions, the sports flooring will shrink or expand excessively.


  1. Experienced Contractors Understand Construction Procedures

An improperly installed gym floor will not only be visually unappealing but will perform poorly. An experienced contractor will avoid the pitfalls associated with low-quality construction. Performance physics are scrutinized by quality contractors, leading to an optimal athletic playing experience.

Southeastern Illinois University - wood gym flooringWorking with an experienced professional prevents the gym floor from various issues, like the presence of dead spots or sounding hollow. Athlete safety is compromised when they compete on a sports floor that has been improperly installed; trip hazards, for instance, are preventable.

A quality sports floor delivers shock absorption, reduces body fatigue and resists traction, which are features that preserve athletes’ health and safety. A reputable and experienced sports flooring contractor will consider all these points when recommending the best flooring options.

The floor’s finish offers aesthetic appeal, and an experienced contractor will assist with important features, such as team logos, games lines and lettering. Players take pride in the visual appearance of the sports floor upon which they play, which builds enthusiasm and enhances image.

A knowledgeable contractor will ensure that game line dimensions are accurate for every event. An experienced professional knows that game lines may change with amendments to school or NCAA rules. This professional understands that game lines have a functional purpose beyond aesthetics.


Contact Kiefer USA

Gymnasium FlooringPartnering with an experienced sports flooring contractor from the start prevents a host of issues that could jeopardize players’ safety or destroy the integrity of the flooring system. Choose Kiefer USA and work with a skilled contractor who understands the intricacies of designing and installing a quality gym floor.

Kiefer USA offers flooring solutions that cater to a wide variety of athletic needs. We install premium flooring for both indoor and outdoor sports, including basketball, track and field, volleyball and football. Our contractors have also installed gym floors in cardio fitness establishments.

During our surface design and installation process, we are careful to use only the highest quality materials. We feature products from leading manufacturers, such as Mondo and Connor Sports Flooring. Several universities and schools continue to place trust in the reliable athletic flooring from Kiefer USA.

With a team of knowledgeable sales representatives located across the country, Kiefer USA will help you achieve your goals for a sports floor that athletes will be proud to compete upon, coaches will rely on and facility managers will maintain with ease. Consult a Kiefer USA specialist for immediate guidance.


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