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Rosemont Health & Fitness Flooring
Rosemont Health & Fitness Flooring
Rosemont Health & Fitness
East Bank Club - Workout Room Flooring
East Bank Club
Wellmark YMCA - Des Moines Iowa
Wellmark YMCA
Cadence Fitness Health Center - Workout Room Flooring
Cadence Fitness Health Center
Boost Fitness Club Flooring
Boost Fitness Club
Whitaker Family YMCA
Whitaker Family YMCA
Lindenhurst Health Fitness Center Flooring
Lindenhurst Health Fitness Center
Optima Chicago Center - Exercise Flooring | Workout Room Flooring
Optima Chicago Center
Cerner Corporation
Cerner Corporation
Fast Forward Fitness Flooring
Fast Forward Fitness
Missouri Fitness
Missouri Fitness
Lanco Performance Fitness Flooring
Lanco Performance
Murfreesboro Sports Com - Pool Area
Murfreesboro Sports Com
Murfreesboro Sportscom - Workout Room Flooring
Murfreesboro Sportscom
Rj Corman Fitness - Workout Room Flooring
Rj Corman Fitness
Lindenhurst Health Fitness Center Floors
Lindenhurst Health Fitness Center
Kroc Community Center - Exercise Flooring
Kroc Community Center
Dakota Health & Wellness - Exercise Flooring
Dakota Health & Wellness
Method Sports Performance Center
Method Sports Performance Center
ARC Performance Center - Exercise Flooring
ARC Performance Center
Tuff-Roll Install
Tuff-Roll Install
Four Seasons Health Club
Four Seasons Health Club
Beacon Health & Fitness - Indoor Turf And Running Track
Beacon Health & Fitness
Falcons Boxing Club - Exercise Flooring
Falcons Boxing Club
Wellmark YMCA - Spin Room
Wellmark YMCA
Lenexa Rec Center
Lenexa Rec Center
Ashland YMCA
Ashland YMCA
Museum Park Tower One - Exercise Flooring
Museum Park Tower One
Union YMCA - Indoor Sports Flooring
Union YMCA
Workman Sports & Wellness Complex, Duraflex Track, IL
Workman Sports & Wellness Complex
Minneapolis YMCA - Indoor Sports Floors
Minneapolis YMCA
YMCA - Odessa Workout Room Flooring
YMCA – Odessa
Hammon YMCA - Indoor Sports Floors
Hammon YMCA
Herritage YMCA - Indoor Athletic Surfaces
Herritage YMCA
Fergus YMCA - Gym Rubber Flooring
Fergus YMCA
Niles Wellness Center
Niles Wellness Center
Rosemont Health & Fitness FlooringEast Bank Club - Workout Room FlooringWellmark YMCA - Des Moines IowaCadence Fitness Health Center - Workout Room FlooringBoost Fitness Club FlooringWhitaker Family YMCALindenhurst Health Fitness Center FlooringOptima Chicago Center - Exercise Flooring | Workout Room FlooringCerner CorporationFast Forward Fitness FlooringMissouri FitnessLanco Performance Fitness FlooringMurfreesboro Sports Com - Pool AreaMurfreesboro Sportscom - Workout Room FlooringRj Corman Fitness - Workout Room FlooringLindenhurst Health Fitness Center FloorsKroc Community Center - Exercise FlooringDakota Health & Wellness - Exercise FlooringMethod Sports Performance CenterARC Performance Center - Exercise FlooringTuff-Roll InstallFour Seasons Health ClubBeacon Health & Fitness - Indoor Turf And Running TrackFalcons Boxing Club - Exercise FlooringWellmark YMCA - Spin RoomLenexa Rec CenterAshland YMCAMuseum Park Tower One - Exercise FlooringUnion YMCA - Indoor Sports FlooringWorkman Sports & Wellness Complex, Duraflex Track, ILMinneapolis YMCA - Indoor Sports FloorsYMCA - Odessa Workout Room FlooringHammon YMCA - Indoor Sports FloorsHerritage YMCA - Indoor Athletic SurfacesFergus YMCA - Gym Rubber FlooringNiles Wellness Center

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Health Clubs offer a variety of activities that present unique issues to their owners.  Kiefer USA offers a wide selection of exercise flooring solutions for those hard to solve flooring problems.  Our extensive line of workout flooring can handle everything from Free weight areas to Group-X, cardio, locker rooms and common room installations.  Our selection of health club flooring products are easy to maintain, never require any coatings and are world-class in performance and aesthetics.  Our dedicated team of flooring facility specialists stand ready to assist through every phase through design and installation.

Sample Heading

FitZone Multi Oak

FitZone Multi

  • Group X, TRX, and yoga
  • Protects against fatigue/injury
  • Interlocking tiles
  • Cushion layer provides up to 40% shock absorption

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FitZone Studio Beech

FitZone Studio

  • Premium hardwood flooring
  • Studio Flooring
  • Ready to install system
  • Factory finished

Sample Heading

FitZone Fitness Flooring

  • High density solid vinyl
  • Modern natural wood designs
  • Naturally antibacterial

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Blue 10 Tuff-Lock - Economical Rubber Flooring

Tuff-Roll & Tuff-Lock

  • Odorless
  • Stain resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Cushion for traffic/weights

Sample Heading

Mondo Sport Impact

  • Premium weight and skate resistant rubber
  • Withstands abuse from skate blades, weights, and equipment
  • Requires no coatings
  • Non-porous/anti-bacterial

Sample Heading

Mondo Ramflex

  • Double-layered vulcanized rubber
  • Withstands abuse from weights and equipment
  • Requires no coatings or finishes
  • Non-porous/anti-bacterial

Just wanted to let you know the floor looks AMAZING!!


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