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Commercial Flooring for Schools Kiefer USACommercial Flooring for Schools

Whether your facility serves the needs of children with disabilities, graduate students or anyone in between, the flooring you select will have a lasting impact on their environment. Selecting the proper materials is important not only to the health of everyone in attendance, but floor covering has a tremendous impact on the continuing operational costs of your facility.

Mondo Rubber has been proven* to be one of the most cost effective flooring materials you can install. And it’s not just about the money! Mondo will assist your facility in improving indoor air quality by never needing any wax coatings. And it doesn’t stop there. By never waxing, you’ll never strip finish – another improvement to indoor air andimprovements to water discharge. Students, faculty and visitors will all benefit from the underfoot comfort and sound attenuation every time they walk on Kiefer USA’s Mondo Rubber.

* “Life-Cycle Benefits of Flooring Surfaces in Healthcare”, Susan R. Barnes, AIA, CFM

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The College of Wooster
Rating 5 5 Star Kiefer USA Rating

“I wanted to compliment you on your installers. Proficient, competent, and knowledgeable are a few words I would use to describe them. They did a great job for us. Thanks again!“

Kiefer USA Flooring
Rating 5 5 Star Kiefer USA Rating

“On behalf of MizzouRec, we want to recognize the superb work of your installation crew that has been involved with the track overlay. Richard and his team have been outstanding to work with in every way. Their focus on excellence was evident from the moment they set foot on campus until they carried the last load of tools out the door. Each team member has been unwaveringly courteous with a clear determination to leave a lasting positive impression. Professional and efficient, they have raised the bar and set a new and most excellent standard for quality installation and project execution. We look forward to working with this very same team again in the future with our upcoming projects. In a word, they were fantastic!”

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