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University Of Michigan - Fitness Flooring
University Of Michigan - Fitness Flooring
University of Michigan Intramural Building
Ohio State University Rec Center
Ohio State University Rec Center
Libertyville Sports Complex Flooring
Libertyville Sports Complex
Pleasant Prairie RecPlex Exercise Flooring
Pleasant Prairie RecPlex
Cloverleaf Community Rec Center
Cloverleaf Community Rec Center
Vaughn Athletic Center Flooring
Vaughn Athletic Center
Maryville Comm Center - Recreational Facility Rubber Flooring
Maryville Comm Center
Murfreesboro Sportscom - Walking Rubber Track
Murfreesboro Sportscom
Bartlett Comm Center - Rubber Running Track
Bartlett Comm Center
Bowling Green Parks & Rec
Bowling Green Parks & Rec
Carlton College - Fitness Room Flooring
Carlton College
Denison University - Exercise Room Flooring
Denison University
DePauw University - Rec Room Flooring
DePauw University
Austin Peay University_Rec Center
Austin Peay University_Rec Center
Ellsworth Air Force Base - Rec Room Floor
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Halas Hall Rec Room Flooring
Halas Hall Rec Chicagobears
East Tennessee State University Rec
East Tennessee State University Rec
Indiana State University - Rubber Sports Flooring
Indiana State University
Indiana State University - Exercise Room Floor
Indiana State University
Joliet Park District - Recreational Facility Floors
Joliet Park District
Indiana State Rec Room Flooring
Indiana State Rec
Maryville Comm Center - Indoor Sports Surfaces
Maryville Comm Center
McCleod County Fairgrounds - Tennis Flooring
McCleod County Fairgrounds
Miami University - Workout Room Flooring
Miami University
Northwestern College - Exercise Flooring
Northwestern College
Northwest Missouri State Foster Fitness Floors
Northwest Missouri State Foster Fitness
Ohio State - Recreational Facility Flooring
Ohio State
Sanford Rec - Fitness Floors
Sanford Rec
Tennessee Armory - Recreational Facility Flooring
Tennessee Armory
University Of Dayton - Fitness Room Floors
University of Dayton
University Michigan Rec - Outdoor Sports Flooring
University Michigan Rec
University Minnesota Rec - Fitness Room Floor
University Minnesota Rec
University Minnesota - Fitness Flooring
University Minnesota
University Nebraska - Recreational Facility Flooring
University Nebraska
University North Dakota - Fitness Room Floor
University North Dakota
University Wisconsin Oshkosh - Rubber Floors
University Wisconsin Oshkosh
Wadena Center - Rubber Sports Flooring
Wadena Center
Williston Rec Center - Running Track Floor
Williston Rec Center
BielenBurg Sports Center - Indoor Rubber Flooring
BielenBurg Sports Center
Glendale Heights SportsHub - Indoor Turf
Glendale Heights SportsHub
Camelot Park Comm Center - Indoor Sports Floors
Camelot Park Comm Center
Wood Floor - University Of Michigan Rec Center
University of Michigan Rec Center
City Of Kettering Rec Center
City of Kettering Rec Center
Duquesne University Rec Center
Duquesne University Rec Center
Duquesne University Rec Center
Duquesne University Rec Center
University Of Michigan - Fitness FlooringOhio State University Rec CenterLibertyville Sports Complex FlooringPleasant Prairie RecPlex Exercise FlooringCloverleaf Community Rec CenterVaughn Athletic Center FlooringMaryville Comm Center - Recreational Facility Rubber FlooringMurfreesboro Sportscom - Walking Rubber TrackBartlett Comm Center - Rubber Running TrackBowling Green Parks & RecCarlton College - Fitness Room FlooringDenison University - Exercise Room FlooringDePauw University - Rec Room FlooringAustin Peay University_Rec CenterEllsworth Air Force Base - Rec Room FloorHalas Hall Rec Room FlooringEast Tennessee State University RecIndiana State University - Rubber Sports FlooringIndiana State University - Exercise Room FloorJoliet Park District - Recreational Facility FloorsIndiana State Rec Room FlooringMaryville Comm Center - Indoor Sports SurfacesMcCleod County Fairgrounds - Tennis FlooringMiami University - Workout Room FlooringNorthwestern College - Exercise FlooringNorthwest Missouri State Foster Fitness FloorsOhio State - Recreational Facility FlooringSanford Rec - Fitness FloorsTennessee Armory - Recreational Facility FlooringUniversity Of Dayton - Fitness Room FloorsUniversity Michigan Rec - Outdoor Sports FlooringUniversity Minnesota Rec - Fitness Room FloorUniversity Minnesota - Fitness FlooringUniversity Nebraska - Recreational Facility FlooringUniversity North Dakota - Fitness Room FloorUniversity Wisconsin Oshkosh - Rubber FloorsWadena Center - Rubber Sports FlooringWilliston Rec Center - Running Track FloorBielenBurg Sports Center - Indoor Rubber FlooringGlendale Heights SportsHub - Indoor TurfCamelot Park Comm Center - Indoor Sports FloorsWood Floor - University Of Michigan Rec CenterCity Of Kettering Rec CenterDuquesne University Rec CenterDuquesne University Rec Center

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Health clubs offer a variety of equipment and activities and Kiefer USA offers a variety of exercise flooring solutions to accommodate those activities.

Weight training, aerobic training, equipment training, pool and sauna areas, locker rooms, group training facilities, and common areas are just a few of the many unique areas within a health club. Kiefer USA has the appropriate health club flooring solution for all of these areas and more.

Our extensive line of aerobic flooring is sure to please in both performance and aesthetics. All of our products from Mondo, Pro-Dek, PEM, ECORE, and FitZone stand up to the daily use from health club patrons and can be tailored to fit your individual facility.

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Mondo Advance Dark Maple

Mondo Advance

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Durability & Performance
  • 10 yr warranty
  • Requires no coatings

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008 Black

Mondo Sport Impact

  • Weight/skate resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Requires no coatings
  • Non-porous/anti-bacterial

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Mondo Sportflex M 

  • Requires no coatings
  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Engineered for tennis
  • Outstanding shock absorption

Sample Heading

Mondo Ramflex

  • Weight/skate resistant
  • Requires no coatings
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-porous/anti-bacterial

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Blue 10 Tuff-Lock - Economical Rubber Flooring

Tuff-Roll & Tuff-Lock

  • Odorless
  • Stain resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Cushion for traffic/weights

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FitZone Multi Oak

FitZone Multi

  • Group X, TRX, and yoga
  • Protects against fatigue/injury
  • Interlocking tiles
  • Excellent sound absorption

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Pavi Gym Fitness

FitZone Cardio

  • Cardio and Fitness Areas
  • Protects against fatigue/injury
  • Interlocking tiles
  • Prevents equipment from sliding

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FitZone Free Weight - Grey

FitZone Free Weight

  • Free Weight Areas
  • Traction, impact, and absorption
  • Interlocking tiles
  • Resistant to marks and impacts

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FitZone Studio Beech

FitZone Studio

  • Premium Hardwood
  • Studio Flooring
  • Ready to install system
  • Factory finished

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Custom Swatch Designer

ColorFlex Custom Flooring

  • Allows you to fully customize your flooring design
  • 24 standard colors available
  • 36″ wide or 48″ wide rolls; 2mm to 10mm thickness
  • Use our Custom Swatch Designer to get started

Just wanted to let you know the floor looks AMAZING!!


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Kiefer USA Flooring
Rating 5 5 Star Kiefer USA Rating

"We extensively researched all available options for use in our new Sports complex but nothing compared to Kiefer and Mondo. We’re excited to open our new facility with what we believe is the finest and most reputable sports surface on the market today."

Kiefer USA Flooring
Rating 5 5 Star Kiefer USA Rating

"We researched a number of other surfaces and compared them to Mondo for playability, durability, value and warranties. The Mondoturf field will greatly enhance the entire student-athlete experience."

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