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Artificial Football Field Turf

Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Sports Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs. Shaw Sports Turf offers turf system options from fibers and padding to infill materials that can be configured to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Want to better your field with turf? Let us make your field the field to play on!


Legion Turf System

Combining slit film and monofilament fibers into one complete system, Legion provides the benefits of both: not only does it look like natural grass and allow for better ball roll, it also has added durability and infill control. Applications: Football, Multipurpose, Lacrosse and Baseball. Learn More


Momentum fiber system has what it takes to keep all the action on the field at full speed. Using slit film technology, its interlaced structure holds down infill and reduces fly-out while maintaining a sturdy, steady, and reliable playing surface for athletes to consistently play in peak conditions. Applications: Football, Multipurpose and Lacrosse. Learn More


PowerBlade fiber system provides the foundation athletes need to harness their potential. It is the go-to system for sports like soccer where interaction with both athlete and the ball are crucial to performance. Application: Soccer. Learn More


Designed specifically for baseball performance, TruHop is the ultimate baseball field. TruHop is the closest thing to natural grass. It’s revolutionary design mirrors the real thing in terms of playability and performance. Applications: Baseball and Softball. Learn More


Geofill is the leading natural “soil” infill in our industry – it acts like soil. Due to salt water retting, Geofill is resistant to mold, mildew and salts. Geofill’s unique mix of coconut fibers create a natural matrix; locking in the infill and reducing infill flyout.
Geofill Cooling Info Sheet
Geofill Moisture Testing Info Sheet


Superior performance through sustainability. The NXTPlay shock pad delivers excellent playability, exceptional safety and results in the diversion of used turf from landfills. Learn More

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