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As the demands on healthcare continue to grow so, too, must the products used in these environments. Whether building a LEED Certified facility or simply renovating a few rooms, Mondo Rubber will provide the attributes most needed. No wax needed – ever! Great sound absorption, ease of ambulation, lowest life cycle costs, high degree of stain resistance, suitable for operating rooms and throughout the building – this is just some of what you’ll get with your investment in Mondo Rubber.

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Commercial Healthcare Flooring Hospitals Kiefer USAHospitals

Mondo Rubber, in rolls or tile, will provide a quiet, comfortable, cleanable flooring surface with minimal maintenance requirements. From the operating room to the front lobby, Mondo will perform 24/7 – like the associates spending their time with patients and families, Mondo will make their job easier and more successful. Learn more »

Commercial Healthcare Flooring Clinics Kiefer USAClinics

Medical clinics provide a wide range of services to an even wider range of patients. Mondo Rubber will provide the easy cleaning that’s paramount in this fast paced environment. Being mindful of infection control while providing great looking environments is easy with Mondo Rubber. Learn more »

Commercial Healthcare Flooring Senior Living Kiefer USASenior Living

Creating clean, relaxing environments is paramount in senior living and Mondo can help by providing the attributes staff and residents alike prefer. Easy cleaning, sound absorbing, easy ambulation, great stain resistance will all be provided by Mondo Rubber. Learn more »

Commercial Healthcare Flooring Long Term Care Kiefer USALong-term Care

Easy ambulation, easy cleaning, good sound control, great colors and patterns that can calm and relax – that’s what Mondo Rubber brings to the interior design of the long term care facility. Highly durable, Mondo delivers a flooring surface that will complement all interiors. Learn more »

Commercial Healthcare Flooring Dental Kiefer USADental

Dental operatories require the same level of efficient cleaning to fight nosocomial infections as do hospitals. And, they must create a warm, safe environment for those patients finding it difficult to make the appointment. Mondo Rubber can deliver both. Learn more »

Commercial Healthcare Flooring Specialists Kiefer USASpecialists

Today’s healthcare is frequently provided off-site from the doctor’s office or hospital and requires the same features and benefits as their big brother facilities. Ease of maintenance, good sound control, seamless in treatment areas, wide array of colors and patterns are all benefits Mondo Rubber brings to your facility. Learn more »

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