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Mondo turf

Mondo FTS3 Artificial Turf System

The Mondo 4NX Artificial Turf Fiber provides optimized recovery, authentic ball response, dimensional memory, and resistance to matting.
YouTube | 3:23

weight room flooring

Weight Room Flooring Products

The most demanding strength training areas require a surface that provides industry recognized benchmarks for performance, durability, safety and aesthetics.
YouTube | 1:55

Ice Arena flooring

Ice Arena Flooring Products

High impact meets high tech for hockey flooring. Our products have established the industry’s standards across the board for performance, durability, safety, and aesthetics.
YouTube | 2:53

fitness room flooring

Fitness Room Flooring

Identical in material composition, Tuff-Roll and Tuff-Lock are two economical rubber floor solutions for weight rooms, fitness rooms, ice arenas and home gyms.
YouTube | 2:31

Prodek wet area flooring

ProDek Wet Area Flooring

ProDek is the safe, clean and comfortable flooring solution for areas that are prone to slippery puddles, mold and mildew.
YouTube | 2:30

FitZone Multi Fitness Flooring

Specified for Group X activities, FitZone Multi flooring delivers the comfort, safety and performance that aerobics, Zumba, TRX, yoga and Pilates require.
YouTube | 2:14


Chicago Blackhawks Train on Mondo

The Chicago Blackhawks train on Mondo “Until They Collapse”.
YouTube | 1:21


Pitt State Christens New Field

Pitt State Gorillas football takes the field on their new Mondoturf.
YouTube | 0:31


Turf Installation Time Lapse

Speed through days of work to see an empty lot transform into an installed Mondoturf field.
YouTube | 14:58


Mondotrack Development

Learn about the research and development that went into the creation of Mondotrack.
YouTube | 7:17


Wake Forest Weight Room

See how Mondo’s Sport Impact stands up to the Wake Forest football team’s use and abuse.
YouTube | 0:59


Turf Installation

Get an up close look at how a Mondo artificial turf field is installed.
YouTube | 5:00


Connor Design Centers

Get a sneak peek into Connor Sports Flooring and the innovation behind the products.
YouTube | 2:27


Warren Township Artificial Turf Field Construction

See the construction of a artificial turf field.
YouTube | 6:14


Connor Green Play

A revolutionary recycled subfloor system from Connor Sports Flooring.
YouTube | 1:06


SCAN-Ice Demonstration

SCAN-Ice is put to the test by players from the Norway and Slovakia national teams.
YouTube | 2:00


Proper Care & Maintenance of Your Wood Floor

“Playing For Keeps” Learn how to properly maintain your MFMA Wood Sports Floor.
YouTube | 9:44

LSU’s New Strength & Conditioning Facility

Tommy Moffitt is one of the most well-respected and followed Strength and Conditioning coaches in the industry. See why he chose MondoArmor.
Watch Video | 5:40

University of Michigan

University of Michigan’s Strength Coach Testimonial

Lew Porchiazzo III is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Michigan. See why he chose Kiefer USA and Mondo.
YouTube | 1:27

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