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FitZone Multi- Black Marble
FitZone – Maple
FitZone – Marble Gray
FitZone – Marble Gray
FitZone – Mahogany
FitZone Multi - Rubber Flooring
FitZone Multi
Blue N10 FitZone Multi Sports Flooring
Blue N10
Marble Gray N18 FitZone Multi Sports Flooring
Marble Gray N18
Mahogany N15 FitZone Multi Sports Flooring
Mahogany N15
Maple N90 FitZone Multi Sports Flooring
Maple N90
Oak N61 FitZone Multi Purpose Flooring
Oak N61
Black Marble N79
FitZone Multi - Rubber FlooringBlue N10 FitZone Multi Sports FlooringMarble Gray N18 FitZone Multi Sports FlooringMahogany N15 FitZone Multi Sports FlooringMaple N90 FitZone Multi Sports FlooringOak N61 FitZone Multi Purpose Flooring

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FitZone Multi – Performance Flooring

Engineered For Comfort & Safety

The exclusive system from FitZone provides a point elastic surface that provides superior performance as per the new ASTM F2772 rating for sport floors. On each movement, the system momentarily compresses on impact and responds with a tremendous amount of energy or “spring”. This protects the user’s skeletal structure, muscles and joints while reducing fatigue and risk of injury.

FitZone is a revolutionary flooring concept that unites three crucial components vital to todays’ end users.

  • Vulcanized rubber top layer provides unsurpassed wearability, proper coefficient of friction, point load protection and unparalleled stain resistance with ease of maintenance.
  • The exclusive cushion layer provides a point elastic system that provides up to 40% shock absorption (ASTM F2772).
  • The lower backing layer is a unique and patented layer to help the entire system become moisture resistant. The engineered backing system incorporates one of a kind nodules to prevent “creeping.” It also offers dimensional stability, important in interlocking flooring systems.

Specifically designed for activities in Group X rooms and studios. Increased shock absorption, and protection against fatigue and risk of injuries. 

FitZone’s surface facilitates fluid and safe movements, without blocking or slipping, therefore protecting the joints and muscles involved in the exercise. Tests carried out on FitZone Multi demonstrate its high ability to absorb impacts (40%), therefore reducing the risk of stress on the joints, and medium to long-term injuries.


Tile Size: 24” x 24” Interlocking
Thickness: 5/16” (8 mm)


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