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The Mondo athletic flooring division is able to supply surfaces not only for running tracks, volleyball, weight training, and aerobics, but also for football and soccer and a variety of sport facilities. Mondo rubber flooring and Mondo turf can attribute their products’ successes to its large investments in technological research and human resources. The heart of the company’s operations and the driving force behind its international success in a wide variety of applications is the Mondo Research Center which, works in collaboration with prestigious research institutes specialized in various fields, such as bio mechanics, sports medicine and innovative materials.

Mondo Fieldhouse Flooring

Mondo Fieldhouse Flooring Kiefer USA

Mondo Fieldhouse Flooring

Whether it’s a basketball game or concert, a soccer match or track meet, Kiefer USA has the right solution for your fieldhouse.

These multipurpose facilities can host a variety of events and your sports hall flooring should not limit these opportunities. A single-surface solution or multiple-surface solution from Kiefer USA and our partners Mondo and Connor can truly enhance the sports hall floors and the functionality of your fieldhouse.
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Mondo Track & Field Surfaces

Mondo Track & Field Surfaces KieferUSAMondo Track & Field Surfaces

We proudly offer world class solutions from Mondo, a worldwide leader in running track surfacing. Since 1948, Mondo has been at the fore front in athletic surfacing. Mondo stems from a family passion that over the years has created an international brand that symbols production of innovative solutions in the track and field industry. Learn more »

Mondo Weight Room Flooring

Southwest Minnesota State UniversityMondo Weight Room Flooring

Weight room flooring receives a considerable amount of use and abuse. But our products can take it.

Therefore, the right weight room floor is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the facility. Kiefer USA’s free weight flooring products offer enhanced resiliency to dropping weights, heavy machinery, scratches and scuffs, and even sweat.
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Mondo Artificial Turf Surfaces

University of Wisconsin-Madison Near West Playing FieldsMondo Artificial Turf Surfaces

Our artificial turf systems stem from a family passion that over the years has created a world class international brand. Our goal was to create innovative artificial turf which reproduces all the traits of a well maintained natural grass football field. Mondo’s research centers collaborate closely with experts, coaches, and athletes to develop the safest and most advanced solutions. Learn more »

Mondo Commercial Surfaces

Mondo Commercial Surfaces Kiefer USA

Mondo Commercial Surfaces

With several options of color and texture to choose from, Mondo’s Harmoni, Terranova, Natura, Granito, Zeus, Kayar, and Uni commercial products can turn any space into a durable and easy to maintain work of art. Learn more »

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