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University Of Missouri - Artificial Soccer Turf
University Of Missouri - Artificial Soccer Turf
University of Missouri – Columbia
Northern Illinois University Artificial Soccer Turf
Northern Illinois University
Francis Parker School Artificial Soccer Turf
Francis Parker School
Avondale High School Soccer Field Artificial Turf
Avondale High School
Transylvania University Artificial Soccer Turf
Transylvania University
Iowa State University Soccer Field Artificial Turf
Iowa State University
Yankee Stadium Artificial Soccer Turf
Yankee Stadium
Artificial Soccer Turf University Of Sioux Falls
University of Sioux Falls
Artificial Soccer Turf
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Artificial Soccer Turf Park Hill High School
Park Hill High School
Sand Pine Park Artificial Soccer Turf
Sand Pine Park
Hmong College Prep Academy
Hmong College Prep Academy
Loyola Academy Artificial Soccer Turf
Loyola Academy
University Of Dubuque - Soccer Field Artificial Turf
University of Dubuque
Durwood Soccer Stadium Artificial Turf
Durwood Soccer Stadium
JD Sportsplex
JD Sportsplex
Falcons Boxing Club
Falcons Boxing Club
Bielenberg Sports Center
Bielenberg Sports Center
Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Ball State University
Ball State University
University Of Missouri - Artificial Soccer TurfNorthern Illinois University Artificial Soccer TurfFrancis Parker School Artificial Soccer TurfAvondale High School Soccer Field Artificial TurfTransylvania University Artificial Soccer TurfIowa State University Soccer Field Artificial TurfYankee Stadium Artificial Soccer TurfArtificial Soccer Turf University Of Sioux FallsArtificial Soccer TurfArtificial Soccer Turf Park Hill High SchoolSand Pine Park Artificial Soccer TurfHmong College Prep AcademyLoyola Academy Artificial Soccer TurfUniversity Of Dubuque - Soccer Field Artificial TurfDurwood Soccer Stadium Artificial TurfJD SportsplexFalcons Boxing ClubBielenberg Sports CenterGlendale Heights Sports HubBall State University

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Mondo’s reputation around the world in the sport of Soccer is unmatched! Our systems conforming to FIFA’s strict regulations ensure the consistent ball roll, shock absorption and consistent vertical deformation.

Mondo’s 11 FIFA 2- star fields around the world prove testament to our expertise and Prestige in this Dynamic Sport. Our unique ability of combining alternate infill’s and elastic layers provide superior player traction, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Our Start to end philosophy of production that includes Fiber, elastic layers and Infill is unique in an industry full of non-innovation.

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Mondo 4Nx Monofilament Fibers

  • 100% recyclable
  • Increased UV stabilization
  • Semi-concave structure with 3-spine technology

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Mondo Ecofill Turf Infill

  • 30% cooler than SBR
  • Plays like natural grass
  • 100% recyclable
  • PAH/heavy metal free

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Mondo FTS Turf Underlayment

  • Superior drainage
  • Does not compact/displace
  • Coated SBR granules
  • Excellent shock absorption

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Classic Rubber Turf Infill

  • Economical solution
  • 100% post-industrial content
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Proven reliability

Mondoturf's superior resilience will enable our men's and women's soccer teams to use the field both for practice sessions and intercollegiate matches. Thanks to Mondoturf's outstanding drainage, the teams also will be able to use the field within a few hours even after a major rainfall.

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In everything I do, I want to be the best or associated with the best, and the Mondoturf Ecofill system is the premier soccer surface on the planet. It plays more like a perfect grass field than any other artificial surface I've been on. The Ecofill system offers a real competitive edge and it's environmentally friendly - there's no question that any soccer team with its players' best interests in mind should look to Mondo first.

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