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Mondo Installation Certification Program

Mondo Installation Certification Program

Kiefer USA offers a certification program allowing flooring contractors to become Mondo Certified Installers

As a material supplier of Mondo rubber products for both sport and commercial applications, Kiefer USA needs to ensure that our products are installed to the manufacturers specifications. This is important for both the aesthetics of the material upon completion along with the performance of the material.

Therefore beginning in 2015, Kiefer USA established an Installation Certification program allowing flooring contractors who will be purchasing Mondo rubber materials to get trained on the proper installation techniques. It entails a two (2) day for sport material, and one (1) day for commercial material of hands on training with Kiefer certified personnel exploring and practicing various successful techniques used in installing Mondo rubber.

Become a Mondo Certified Installer

Kiefer USA continues to work with the architectural and design communities to generate specifications for the Mondo products encouraging them to add language that requires installation is performed only by certified installers.

Kiefer USA’s goal is to ensure that all installations of Mondo materials are performed exclusively by certified installers, thus avoiding potential conflicts with the installation and greater satisfaction to the end user for years to come. It also provides us a partnership with our flooring contractors by becoming Mondo Certified Installers, which benefits all parties involved.

If you are interested in becoming a Mondo Certified Installer or would like to learn more about our certification program, please contact Shannon Hartmann at


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