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Complete Buying Guide For Artificial Indoor Turf

Complete Buying Guide for Artificial Indoor Turf

Artificial turf was first introduced in sports when it was used to replace the grass in the Houston Astrodome in 1966.  This turf was a short-fiber, dense nylon carpet that was installed over a compacted soil base.  A closed-cell elastomeric foam pad was installed between the carpet backing and soil to create a softer surface.

The use of this type of artificial turf, referred to as AstroTurf, became popular in the 1970s and 1980s as existing stadiums replaced their grass with AstroTurf and new multisport stadiums were built with the turf.  AstroTurf was used because it provided a consistent playing field while enduring high volume traffic and it allowed for the construction of multisport stadiums in which seating could be moved to accommodate different sporting events and concerts within a short period of time.  It also saved indoor venues the trouble of caring for natural grass.  However, the use of AstroTurf started facing criticism in the late 1980s as many blamed the surface for athlete injuries.

Michigan State UniversityIn 1976, Frederick T. Haas invented second-generation artificial turf that featured a shock-absorbing pad beneath the carpet.  The carpet surface had longer fibers and the carpet pile was filled with silica sand almost to the top of the fibers which made them stand upright.  Second generation artificial turf was not widely used in the U.S., but its advancements did lead to the development of third generation artificial turf which is widely used today.  Third generation surfaces use an infill system that consists of granular crumb rubber or a combination of crumb rubber and silica sand instead of pure silica sand infill used for second generation surfaces.  These surfaces were first used in the late 1990s and have been in use ever since.

Artificial turf has come a long way since its introduction and is now a safe, economical, and durable option for an indoor sports surface.  Its use is widespread because it looks good and offers the performance and safety of natural grass without the maintenance costs.  At Kiefer USA, we provide and install a wide range of artificial indoor turf products from major manufacturers such as Mondo, Shaw Sports, Turf Nation, and our own Kiefer USA brand indoor turf.

If you are interested in artificial indoor turf for your facility, this buying guide will help you learn more about the benefits of artificial indoor turf, as well as the products we offer.

Artificial Indoor Turf Benefits

Minnesota Vikings Indoor Practice FacilityWhile first generation artificial turf got a bad reputation for contributing to athlete injuries, the advancements made in artificial turf since have completely reversed this reputation.  Artificial turf surfaces are made with advanced technology with athlete safety in mind with durability and versatility unmatched by natural surfaces.

The following are the main benefits of artificial turf:

  • Athlete safety: Artificial turf has come a long way as far as athlete safety as it is now considered just as safe as a natural surface. These surfaces are made from recycled rubber that provide a soft surface with some bounce.  The abrasiveness of artificial indoor turf also provides good traction for quick movements which prevents muscle and joint injuries.
  • Durability: Artificial indoor turf can withstand heavy use without sacrificing performance.
  • Versatility: Artificial indoor turf surfaces can be used for many different sports including baseball, football, and soccer. Its shock-absorbent qualities also make it a great surface for workout activities including weightlifting.
  • Visually appealing: Artificial indoor turf has a great appearance and provides indoor facilities with a natural looking surface that stays green. You can also customize the turf with the colors and logos of your team, school, or facility.

Types of Artificial Indoor Turf Surfaces

University of IowaThere are two types of artificial indoor turf surfaces, turf tiles and turf rolls.  Turf tiles are tiles of artificial turf that interlock to form the surface within the facility.  This type of turf is great for spaces that are oddly shaped, and they have the durability to withstand heavy traffic.  Turf rolls are rolls of artificial turf that can handle high-intensity workouts like running.

A professional turf supplier and installer like Kiefer USA can help you determine which type of artificial turf surface is best for your facility based on the space and the sports or activities that will take place on the surface.

Artificial Indoor Turf from Kiefer USA

At Kiefer USA, we provide a range of artificial indoor turf surfaces from the industry’s top manufacturers including Mondo, Shaw Sports, and Turf Nation as well as Kiefer USA brand turf surfaces.  Our professionals can help you determine which product is best for you based on your facility and application.  We can also provide professional installation of the surface at your facility.

The following are the main artificial indoor turf products we provide:


Piitsburg State Gorillas Choose MondoturfMondo is one of the most renowned brands in sports flooring and they offer an advanced artificial indoor turf system that consists of a shock absorbing underlayment, monofilament fibers, and classic or Ecofill turf infill.

  • Mondoturf Fine-Tuned System: This shock-absorbing underlayment from Mondoturf consists of two polyester layers that encapsulate triturated rubber from recycled tires. This surface provides a uniform and controlled playing surface with no risk of compaction and migration of the granule between the layers.  The Mondoturf Fine-Tuned System also provides excellent shock absorption and energy return for maximum athlete performance while reducing muscle fatigue.  The superior drainage capacity is 50 percent greater than that of traditional interlocking surfaces.  This surface is also environmentally friendly as the granules are coated with polyurethane which protects the environment from potentially carcinogenic substances inherent in recycled tire granules.
  • Mondoturf 4Nx Fiber: The Mondoturf 4Nx fiber is the artificial grass that connects to the top layer of the Fine-Tuned System underlayment. These fibers are made from state-of-the-art monofilament with a semi concave structure and reinforced asymmetric spines to mimic the look of real grass.  Each fiber is 400 microns thick for improved resilience and memory.
  • Mondoturf Classic Infill: The classic rubber infill system from Mondoturf consists of 100 percent consumer recycled rubber granules and sand that fill in between the fibers. The infill prevents compaction and has a shock absorption of about 60 percent.  It is affordable, durable, and virtually non-abrasive.
  • Mondoturf Ecofill Turf Infill System: The Ecofill turf infill system is the closest to a natural turf playing field in terms of feel, safety, and performance. Ecofill allows for enhanced performance by providing a perfect energy return that allows athletes to plant, pivot, turn, and accelerate.  The efficient impact absorption reduces the risk of injuries or getting caught in the turf.  This infill also gives off less radiant heat than black rubber infill and it is safe for the environment as it is 95 percent recyclable and free of heavy metals, amine aromatics, and PAHs.

Kiefer USA Non-Infill Indoor Turf

Eastern Kentucky University RecKiefer USA offers non-rubber infilled indoor turf surfaces made with a 50/50 blend of nylon and polyurethane.  These surfaces have the softness and endurance of rubber infilled turf, but with easier maintenance and installation.  These turf rolls can also have 4” or 8” Velcro added to make the surface portable.

We offer the following types of non-infill indoor turf:

  • ULTRA40: This surface is great for multipurpose use and can withstand the demands of speed and agility training and pushing and pulling sleds. The pile weight is 40 ounces with a height of 3/4” and it is available in 15-foot width in multiple colors including green, red, white, black, yellow, blue, and FLA.
  • ULTRA55: This surface is similar to ULTRA40 but with a weight of 55 ounces and 7/8” pile height. ULTRA55 is available in 12-foot width in green.

Kiefer USA Creaturf

CreaturfCreaturf from Kiefer USA is a fully customizable, patent pending indoor turf surface.  Our Creaturf is available in 21 colors, and we can print any design onto the surface.  You can expect a 76 dpi high definition graphic with five times more clarity than other textile color processing machines can provide.  Our printing process creates precise lines, vivid color, smooth gradients, and photorealistic detail.

Our Creaturf is ideal for indoor areas like locker rooms, weight rooms, and facilities that could benefit from branding.

Shaw Sports Turf

Shaw Sports TurfShaw Sports Turf provides turf system options including fibers, padding, and infill that are engineered for performance and safety.  These options can be configured in different combinations to best suit your needs.

The indoor turf systems from Shaw Sports Turf include the following:

  • Legion turf system: The Legion turf system combines monofilament fibers with slit film to create a surface that looks like natural grass with added durability and infill control. It offers better ball roll than natural grass, making it ideal for lacrosse, football, baseball, and multipurpose.
  • Momentum: The Momentum fiber system features slit film technology with an interlaced structure that holds infill in place for a durable, steady, and reliable playing surface. This system is best for football, lacrosse, and multipurpose sports.
  • PowerBlade: The PowerBlade system is great for sports in which the interaction of the fibers with the athlete and ball is important for its overall performance, making it perfect for soccer.
  • TruHop: TruHop is specifically designed for baseball and softball as this surface is the closest thing to natural grass in terms of playability and performance.
  • Geofill: Geofill is an infill consisting of a mix of coconut fibers that create a natural matrix that prevents infill from flying out. This infill is resistant to salts, mold, and mildew due to saltwater retting.
  • NXTPlay: NXTPlay is the shock pad from Shaw Sports Turf that provides excellent playability and safety.

Turf Nation

University of North Dakota - indoor sports floorsTurf Nation provides artificial indoor turf systems that have been used at every level including professional sports and collegiate programs down to high schools and municipalities.  These surfaces can be used for a variety of sports including baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and more.

Turf Nation offers the following artificial indoor turf products:

  • S5 Turf System – Professional Grade Stadium Surface: The S5 turf system is designed to optimize player performance and maximize player safety. This surface incorporates TRUE fiber technology and the Titanium Backing System for the ultimate professional grade surface.
  • S4 Turf – Affordable Sports Surface: The S4 surface is engineered to be firm and fast and optimize player safety. It is available in various fiber profiles.
  • TN-46-SM – Dual Fiber System: The TN-46-SM system is a dual fiber system consisting of high-grade monofilament and slit film fibers. This system is affordable and durable and provides maximum player safety and performance for multipurpose use.

Call Kiefer USA for Artificial Indoor Turf

Indoor Turf University AkronThe advancements in the technology for artificial indoor turf make it an excellent option for indoor playing fields for a wide variety of sports.  These playing surfaces look and feel like natural grass with enhanced player safety, durability, and versatility.

Kiefer USA is a dealer and installer of artificial indoor turf from the industry’s top manufacturers including Mondo, Shaw Sports Turf, and Turf Nation. If you are looking for a dependable artificial indoor turf surface for your facility, contact our professionals at Kiefer USA to discuss your options.


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