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Hillsdale College Chooses Mondo Super X For New Outdoor Track

Hillsdale College chooses Mondo Super X for new outdoor track

Hillsdale College chooses Mondo Super X for new outdoor track

Hillsdale College made the decision to work with Kiefer USA and Mondo to build a brand-new Mondo track at Hayden Park, which was completed in April 2024. Hillsdale planned for the renovation of the old track for several years, and the dream finally became a reality. The surface of the old track was weathered and old and got hard, which made training on it very difficult.

The new Mondo Super X surface allows Hillsdale more volume of training on the track. This 400 meter, nine-lane track has wider lanes than the old track did. It also has long jump and pole vault lanes going both directions to accommodate for wind.  In the center field of the Mondo track is synthetic turf that allows the track team to use for training as well.

“I’m really excited that we’re going to get this new facility,” Richard White (Hillsdale head track and cross-country coach) said. “It’s really a testament to how much Hillsdale College cares about their athletic program, and we’re grateful for that.”

Hillsdale College was able to host their first ever outdoor track and field invitational at the newly constructed outdoor track at Hayden Park on April 20th!

Amber Stromberg

Kiefer USA is a leading athletic surface design and sports flooring installation company. Amber Stromberg is a Director of Marketing. 10 Years with Kiefer.
Favorite Hobby: working out and spending time with her kids and family.

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