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Rugby Field Turf - Colorno Da Casamenti Italy
Rugby Field Turf - Colorno Da Casamenti Italy
Rugby Field Turf - Colorno Da Casamenti Italy
Missouri University Rugby Field Turf
Missouri university Rugby Field Turf
Rugby Field Turf - Pitch Bercial Spain
Rugby Field Turf - Pitch Bercial Spain
Rugby Field Turf - Rhisso University Japan
Rugby Field Turf - Rhisso University Japan
Rugby Field Turf - Stade Du Grand Marais France
Rugby Field Turf - Stade Du Grand Marais France
Rugby Field Turf - Colorno Da Casamenti ItalyMissouri University Rugby Field TurfRugby Field Turf - Pitch Bercial SpainRugby Field Turf - Rhisso University JapanRugby Field Turf - Stade Du Grand Marais France

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Rugby requires a playing field that provides excellent biomechanical response in the player-surface interaction.

By following requirements set by the regulations, it is essential to maintain optimum shock absorption to minimize the risk of injury, particularly impacts to the head, and good vertical deformation or stability. To achieve the required values greater height is required in the artificial turf it is necessary to introduce a greater quantity of filler sand and rubber granules. The rubber granule fillers facilitate player traction, while also minimizing the risk of injury. Incorporating an elastic base layer under the turf helps to achieve these conditions, as well as improving the system’s durability. To guarantee sports function, a good artificial turf system will be resistant and highly durable over time due to UV protection. In addition, artificial turf with firm, upright blades will enhance resistance. Mondo recommends the use of high quality systems incorporating elastic base layers, turf filaments composed of polyethylene to minimize abrasion, with heights over 65 mm, low density tufts in 5/8” gauges and filled with sand and rubber granules.

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Mondo 4Nx Monofilament Fibers

  • 100% recyclable
  • Increased UV stabilization
  • Semi-concave structure with 3-spine technology

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Mondo Ecofill Turf Infill

  • 30% cooler than SBR
  • Plays like natural grass
  • 100% recyclable
  • PAH/heavy metal free

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Mondo FTS Turf Underlayment

  • Superior drainage
  • Does not compact/displace
  • Coated SBR granules
  • Excellent shock absorption

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Classic Rubber Turf Infill

  • Economical solution
  • 100% post-industrial content
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Proven reliability

UBU Sports Flooring Products Kiefer USAUBU Synthetic Turf Systems

  • Sand & Rubber Infill systems
  • Available in various fiber profiles
  • Idea for sports where speed is the major concern
  • Scientifically engineered to enhance athletic
    Performance and maximize player safety

mondo slit filmMondo Slit-Film Series

  • 50 or 60 mm slit-film fibers
  • 3-layer backing system
  • Option of SBR infill or Ecofill

Mondoturf Is Football Safe

Mondoturf played a key role in our success in 2009. The number and seriousness of turf-related injuries has been significantly reduced, and our student-athletes' muscles recover much more quickly than when they played on other surfaces. We also have better practices early in the week because our athletes' legs stay fresher even after a full week of practice and a weekend game. In addition, since we installed Mondoturf, our recruiting has improved. The overall beauty of the turf attracts a lot of attention from our prospects - much more than the natural grass surface we previously had.

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Mondoturf Is Football Fast

Our system relies on the speed of the players, and the technology behind the Mondoturf FTS system provides the stability that is necessary for that speed. We also wanted a field with characteristics that were similar to natural grass while also significantly reducing the heat factor.

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