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Commercial Flooring Products

Rubber commercial flooring from Mondo, the world’s oldest rubber flooring manufacturer, and Kiefer USA with an impressive 35-year history of successful flooring distribution, combine to bring you the best of commercial rubber flooring. With each of us paying more attention to our environment, Mondo and Kiefer USA will supply your project with products that are earth friendly, rapidly renewable and some of the most cost effective materials on Earth.

With Mondo’s commercial flooring as your new flooring surface you can say good-bye to most traditional maintenance methods and realize tremendous savings from reduced costs and improved procedures. Associates, patients, students and visitors will embrace the non-slip, no-wax, sound absorbent surface for years to come.

Come and explore what makes Mondo commercial rubber products from Kiefer USA such a logical choice. Look at the patterns, the colors, the styles and then look at the technical data that separates this high quality product from traditional solutions. Be part of the revolution!

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