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Kiefer USA Synthetic Flooring

The Mondo athletic flooring division is able to supply surfaces not only for running tracks, volleyball, weight training, and aerobics, but also for football and soccer and a variety of sport facilities. Mondo rubber flooring and Mondo turf can attribute their products’ successes to its large investments in technological research and human resources. The heart of Mondo’s operations and the driving force behind its international success in a wide variety of applications is the Mondo Research & Development Center, which works in collaboration with prestigious research institutes specialized in various fields, such as bio mechanics, sports medicine and innovative materials.


Mondo Fieldhouse Flooring

Fieldhouses host a diverse lineup of activities and events so the ideal surface has to be resilient as well as accommodating. Mondo’s rubberized flooring products, including Advance, Mondoflex II, and Sportflex M, meet the challenges of multipurpose facilities. Learn more »

mondo_tnfMondo Track & Field Surfaces

Mondo’s line of track and field surfaces are engineered for comfort and performance to accommodate training as well as competition. The Mondotrack and the new Super X 720 Performance products from Mondo are the ultimate solutions for premier track surfaces. Learn more »

mondo_weightMondo Weight Room Flooring

Weight rooms need a surface that’s just as tough as the athletes who use them. Mondo’s Sport Impact, MondoArmor, and Ramflex rubber flooring stand up to the use and abuse from heavy weight training and are resistant to sweat and bacteria. Learn more »

Dance_Advance_01Group X/Dance Flooring

At every level of Group X/Dance and other impact activities, Kiefer USA engineers solutions that stress comfort and safety. Our product lines focus on increased shock absorption and protection against fatigue related injuries. Learn more »

ice-arena_salt-lakeIce Arena Flooring

Kiefer USA’s skate flooring products stand up to the attacks of skate blades. These ice flooring products will not only look great, they’ll stay looking great through their superior engineering and materials. Learn more »

LockerRoom_WVULocker Room Flooring

The most demanding Locker Room/Training Room areas require a surface that provides industry recognized benchmarks for performance, durability, safety and aesthetics.  Kiefer USA offers products that meet these important criteria. Learn more »

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