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A Commitment to Quality

Kiefer USA’s overriding principle is to offer quality products and to produce quality installations. Period. We feel it is crucial to not overlook any detail or let any corners get cut. Over the years we have developed an iron-clad installation system that ensures quality results and exceeds our clients’ expectations. The final product is a quality installation that our client, end users, installers, and Kiefer USA can be proud of.

Years of Experience

With decades of experience from our engineers and project coordinators, the Kiefer USA operations staff can be a great asset to your overall project plan. Our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, like those from the NCAA, OSHA and LEED, ensures the quality and integrity of all Kiefer USA plans and installations. It is this aggregate experience that also aids in overcoming any unforeseen obstacles that occur during the planning of any project. In our years of developing a vast array of plans, we’re proud to say that we’ve “been there, done that.”

We Know Our Products

Our exclusive relationships with Mondo and Connor allow us full access to volumes of data regarding product performance, installation, and maintenance. Couple with that decades of Kiefer USA representing generations of these products and you can be assured that we know our products in and out. Whether it’s a basketball court or fieldhouse, an elementary school or football field, you can be sure that representatives from Kiefer USA will be there to support any and all questions you may have regarding the products.

Kiefer USA represents the absolute best products in performance, durability, safety, and aesthetic options. All of our products surpass industry tests in safety and performance and are engineered to take whatever use and abuse is thrown at it for years to come. And the years of sacrificing aesthetics for safety and durability are over. The full line of products from Mondo and Connor allow for a customized look that will match almost any décor or color scheme.

We’re Here to Help

We consider our relationships with contractors, architects, and designers to be a partnership in mutual success. Call upon our years of experience in construction and surface installation and encyclopedic knowledge of our products whenever you need it. No issue is too small and no question is too basic for our team of project coordinators. We’ll work together to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible and that the end result is an overall success.

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Professional Library

Document Library

Download documents about Kiefer USA’s flooring products including adhesives information, ASTM documents, LEED information, AIA information, MSDS documents, TDS documents, and GreenGuard Certificates. Go there »

ASTM Information

Pro Astm

ASTM Information

ASTM standards have been developed and established within the consensus principles of the organization and which meets the requirements of ASTM procedures and regulations. Learn more about the standards that Kiefer USA’s products have been tested to. Learn more »

LEED Information

Prof Leed

LEED Information

LEED promotes sustainable building and development practices through a suite of rating systems that recognize projects that implement strategies for better environmental and health performance. See how Kiefer USA’s products contribute to LEED credit. Learn more »

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Prof GreenGuardGreenGuard Information

The GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certification Program identifies low-emitting materials, finishes and products for indoor environments. Discover what Kiefer USA products have been certified by GreenGuard. Learn more »




We don’t mean to toot our own horn, so we’ll let our professional partners do it for us. See what a variety of contractors, architects, and designers have to say about Kiefer USA. Learn more »

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