Super X 720

Mondo Super X 720 Kiefer USASuper X 720

The world’s most renowned and recognizable track surface just arrived at the next level. The proven contact platform for both biomechanics and durability, Super X has joined our record setting Mondotrack backing which supports the lower leg by decreasing the athletes’ foot to surface impact thus improving comfort, performance and speed. Learn More

Super X Performance

Mondo Track Super X Kiefer USA

Super X Performance

The biomechanical design gives the Mondo Super X Performance tracks the most consistent feel and greatest potential for deformation. Its advanced compartmentalized design deforms for maximum energy absorption and return. This vulcanized track surface provides maximum elasticity and unparalleled durability. Learn More



A prefabricated synthetic rubber track surfacing, calendared and vulcanized with a particular closed cell structure, with constant thickness. The new surface embossing ensures greater water flow and traction. The elongated honeycomb backing is structurally strong and provides improved lateral support and better control. Learn More