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We shop in stores that look professional, give the appearance of success and maintain a clean, organized appearance. Let Mondo Rubber add to those attributes and make your floor covering part of your marketing plan.

With the Idea! Collection, Mondo brings a new awareness to the flooring by introducing patterns and colors not previously available in the world of rubber flooring. And that’s not all! Kiefer USA’s Mondo Rubber will provide your local management team a surface that contributes to improved indoor air quality with its NO WAX surface. Mondo can be maintained with a mop and bucket, a floor scrubber or a buffer – your choice. And with no wax (ever), there’s never a need to shut down a store waiting for finish coats to dry.



Dual durometer construction color layer and backing are vulcanized together – not just laminated. Vulcanization eliminates the possibility of delaminating and provides better resistance to shock impact and indentation. This process also creates the no-wax, waterproof, non-porous surface that can be heat welded to create a perfectly hygienic surface. Learn More


Commercial TerranovaTerranova

Terranova is homogeneous rubber flooring with bacteriostatic properties throughout the entire thickness of the product. This dense, waterproof, non-porous product has high dimensional stability for comfort underfoot. Antimicrobial and antibacterial throughout, indoor air compliant, and ADA compliant. Learn More



Mondo pioneered multiple-density surfaces with dual durometer construction. This vulcanization eliminates the possibility of delaminating and provides better resistance to shock impact and indentation. This dense, waterproof, non-porous surface can be heat welded to create a perfectly hygienic surface. Learn More


Mondo Granito is a homogeneous rubber flooring with a smooth surface and multicolored granules. It is highly stain and chemical resistant. Along with its high static and rolling load resistance, it has outstanding wear and abrasion characteristics. Learn More


Commercial ZeusZeus

The unique characteristics of Zeus include its 3.5mm homogeneous construction, multicolored granule tiles and hammered texture, giving you unlimited design opportunities. Learn More



The solid colors of the Uni collection offer a unique design opportunity. Provides you the ability to create logos, designs, borders,insets and patterns of your choice. Learn More


commercial kayarKayar

Mondo Kayar is a homogenous rubber flooring made with natural coconut husk fibers that further enhance this products environmental attributes. Learn More