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Mondoturf – 4NX Artificial Turf Fiber Kiefer USA

“Improved 4Nx” Monofilament Fiber

Mondo R&D centers developed and improved special fibers that can guarantee quality, performance and durability of the Mondoturf systems. The 4Nx fiber with its new thickness of 400 microns improves the elastic memory by increasing resilience. The curvature radius substantially improves the tear resistance enhancing mechanical stress.

  • Latest generation polymer
  • Improved UV protection
  • New two-tone color
  • Easy maintenance

Durable Fiber Structure

The semi concave structure with three asymmetric center spines provides optimized recovery and dimensional memory. Turf blades provide superior elastic memory and resistance to matting per effect of traffic, ball roll and ball rebound. 4Nx monofilaments are more resistant thanks to a perfect synergy between the polyurethane backing, the carpet construction and the structure of the fiber.

A new UV protector additive is also incorporated in the process of extrusion of the thread to substantially improve the resistance to atmospheric agents such as ultraviolet rays:

  • Gives a greater protection to the polyethylene
  • Allows a smaller wearing down of the turf fiber
  • Color is safeguarded for a longer period of time maintaining unalterable its technical characteristics

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